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  • New in our fur series is this fur heart with a braided leather band
  • For the people who don't like to own fur, we now have fake fur balls. This bag hanger is available in various colours.
  • Key ring made with nappa leather
  • Key ring with textile tassel trimmed with small coloured beads.
  • Large cashmiri ball available in 4 different colours
  • Beautiful leather bag hanger with animal print ("hair on")
    embellished with a beautiful silver coloured heart
  • The leather tassels make this key ring very suitable as a bag accessory. Hip and trendy!
  • The leather for this key ring has a snake print. The shiny stainless steel heart finishes it off nicely.
  • Nice luxurious key ring with a thick braided nappa leather wrist band. This wrist band can be removed. The key ring can therefore also be used as a bag hanger.
  • Nice little coloured tassels on a brass key ring. Available in various colours.
  • Key ring with coloured natural stone ball
  • Key ring with ball made of grey wood!
  • Nice coloured tassels embellished with a small flower
  • Key ring with leather ball
  • Leather good luck 4 leafed clover combined with a leather braided band
Getoond 0-15 van 38